My Philosophy behind blogging. Why I started and why you should too?

My Philosophy behind blogging. Why I started and why you should too?

Sit back, relax and read it like a story because that's exactly what it is.

Hii, I am Shubham but you can call me brainspoof.
Reason for this name is simple. Spoof means to steal. And the Philosophy of this name is to reinforce the idea that I like to steal brains of other smart people I know of. I may or may not have met them but I like to pick their brains. That's why the name brainspoof.

But why blogging? Why not tweet, or videos or anything else. Umm, hold onto that thought because I am going to shatter them in just a bit. I am a polymath as in I do a lot of things. Just to give a sense of it, I am a badass developer, a science lover, a psychology and neurology enthusiast and an avid founder and initiator. But its one thing to do all these things and use them in my daily life and another to spread all of what I know, what I learn, what I experience with others so they can learn, improve and appreciate these things. Of course I'd love it if your would click that like button but more than that I want to bring some memorable impact to your life. I want to be an asteroid, not the one that destroyed dinosaurs but the one that brought water to the earth.

Now, coming onto why not tweet or make videos. Well, I learn at odd times, whatever I learn and find super cool I share them on Twitter. But there is a small problem, I can only write 256 chars. I love that restriction. That makes me think super hard about the optimum line to consume maximum meaning in minimum text. But that is the caveat, I try to maximize meaning but often I can't convey it all and need to compromise on subtle details.

I want this place to be the place where if you read, you read it completely. Every detail will be included so you don't miss out of some subtleties. Also, sometimes one tweet might not be standalone and it needs some context so I don't write those half true things on twitter. But again, this is our place and you would enjoy everything.

Before you think that these blogs are gonna be like my notes I want to share one more thing. I will also write stories, some with deep meaning some of what I am doing and how I do it while some because its just cool. Everything I write will be me pouring my own heart out. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Oh, and yeah, I am on Twitter. Things come there days before I will write about them on blogs and also, we I'd love to talk with you over there. My DM's are always open. And I also make videos on YT, why not check it out, and I also have a weekly newsletter, when in the week might it come, i cant say but you'll love reading it for sure.

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At the time of writing this, its currently 23:09 Hrs 31 Dec, 2020. And this is the first blog I am creating. Also, I will be sending out my newsletter for the first time when someone subscribes, currently I have 0.
28 Followers on Twiiter out of which 19 followed just this month becasue I was kind of active on twitter. And about 20 people on my YouTube channel. I am barely starting now but I have a feeling, its gonna be great. See ya!